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McDonald's new paradigm-do you like it?

jerry i h | Feb 2, 200812:18 PM

OK, I admit it: I live under a rock. McDonald's has undergone a dramatic change in how it serves food. I was unaware of it until I got a new job and there was a McD's around the corner, for the first time in a few years. Am I the only one who thinks it really sucks?

There is one, at most two cashiers who take your orders. Then, you step a few feet to the left and wait for your order to be called. There is one expeditor who gathers your food from a 2 x 2 foot bin and places it in a bag/tray, and calls your order number. This serving paradigm is identical no matter what franchise location, or how many people are waiting in line. Both the lines and wait for your order to be called is rather substantial for 'fast food'. This corresponds to a business analysis a year or two ago where business analysts were 'appalled' by the long waits now typical at McDonalds. I did not understand this TV report until recently when I started actually eating there.

I was really surprised that McDonalds is now no faster than any of its competitors. It was always someplace that was always super fast and super cheap. I say: dump the new paradigm, dump the 'healthy' junk, and bring back the heat lamps so I can reliably get my meal in 30 seconds. In the old days, the cashier would hand you your change AND your food at the same time in mere seconds, and I miss this. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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