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McDonald's Mozzerella Sticks


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McDonald's Mozzerella Sticks

Michele Cindy | Jul 11, 2005 11:21 AM

Please don't give me a hard time about going to McDonald's but with 2 whiney kids at the end of a hot day, you do things you normally wouldn't do...
Last night stopped into McDonald's due to the above, got home with the food, tried out their new mozzarella sticks, they weren't hot then, but they were pretty good. So good, that when I got home and had to go out to the supermarket, I went back to another McDonalds to see how they would taste when they were hot. They were surprisingly tasty. The cheese had flavor, they were crispy, gooey, and very satisfying. 4 sticks for $1.00. You get to taste a lot of mozzarella sticks when you dine out with kids who have a small food vocabulary and these were tops in their QSR class.

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