C. Simon | Jun 13, 200212:09 PM     11

It had to be tried.

The verdict: Hey, it's lobster.

From presentation to taste, the whole thing resembles classic cafeteria food. Served in a plastic cafeteria-style container, it has obviously been chilling for a while, as the bread has that cool dry airy texture that bad bread takes on when refrigerated. As for the filling, well, again, its IS lobster. And, no matter what they may have done to try to destroy it's flavor (freeze, cover in mayo, who knows what else?), it still tastes like lobster. Which is a good thing.

So, in sum, I would recommend the lobster roll only to someone who is desperate for lobster, with limited options, and only $5.50 to spend.

Otherwise, hop in a car, and drive north until you hit Red's Eats!

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