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McCann's Irish Steel Cut Oats for One?

westside | Jan 26, 200601:54 AM     30

After developing something of a habit of starting my day with a bowl of cinnamon laced oatmeal, I decided to do a bit of research into these magical little oats - my foremost question: is there such a thing as premium oatmeal? I began to wonder if the breakfast I eat so often could somehow be improved; were Quaker oats the gold standard... or was there something more to be had?

After much investigative work (well, for oatmeal, anyway. I spent the better part of an afternoon visiting different grocers to hear various opinions), the answer was clear: indeed there are premium oats to be had, and they come from Ireland!

Turns out I've missed the oat, er, boat on Irish "steel-cut" oats... Nearly all of the people I spoke with swore by either McCann's Irish Steel Cut Oats or Trader Joes Irish Steel Cut Oats. No one, I regret to say, championed the little packets of instant oatmeal I tear open each morning.

And so, like Uncle Ben, I've converted. Just tonight I bought myself a chubby little tin of McCann's Irish Oatmeal - and at quite a bargain, too. At my local Ralph's, this very tin of oatmeal is over SEVEN BUCKS!
I'm happy to report that I got mine from Trader Joes for a cool $4.50. (Which, as a starving student, is still a hefty price-tag for oatmeal... hope it's worth it!)

Now then, looking over the cooking directions on the back of the tin, I found that the only preparation method offered makes a whopping FOUR servings. I am but one man, McCann! Surely you jest! Four servings of oatmeal in one belly is cruel and unusual punishment... so let's see what we can figure out.

The directions say, in essence, bring 4 cups of water to a boil, stir in one cup of oats.

Now, I'm no math genius, but I figger I could 'prolly quarter that there recipe and have me a dandy one guy servin', know what I'm sayin?

Has anyone tried 1 cup of water to 1/4 cup oats?
Will I need to adjust the cooking time?
Is there a better method to making one serving?
Should I urge Sen. McCain to straighten out Mr. McCann?
Should I ask Hall how he likes his Oats?
Have I just made 2 of the worst oatmeal related jokes of all time? Are you shaking your head, saying, "oat my God.."


Silliness aside, a little help would be very much appreciated. As I don't have much time in the morning for trial and error, I would prefer to know a surefire way to get one tidy serving in my bowl.

Many thanks!

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