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McAussie Burger????


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McAussie Burger????

janet of reno | May 12, 2005 11:06 PM

I had a revelation this past week when some friends from Australia visited. We had been playing tourist all day and my friend craved a I decided a quick stop at In and Out was in order. As we were standing in line and I was tutoring my friend on what to order (ie Animal Style :-), she asked me if she could get beetroot on her burger (her words). Me: beetroot? After some discussion we learned that pickled beets (what she called beetroot) is a common burger condiment in Australia (She says the typical burger there will have lettuce, tomatoe, and beetroot). It is so common that Australian Mcdonalds' have a McAussie Burger on the menu: kind of like what here is called a Big and Tasty, but with the beets added. Now, I happen to LOVE beets, and heck, if you think about it its just a form of pickle, no? So, hounds, anyone actually ever had a burger in Australia with beetroot? Is it a nationwide thing, or just something they do in New South Wales? (My friends weren't sure). Anyone ever had this treat? If so, what did you think? My son has been to Australia, but said he never at a burger there, so he's no help. Maybe I'll just have to whip one up and see what I think......

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