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Little Maya Bakery, Vallejo


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Little Maya Bakery, Vallejo

Melanie Wong | Aug 13, 2002 07:55 PM

Thursday morning I finally had a chance to stop for some pastries at the Vallejo location of Little Maya. Jackie Avery had clued us into this Mexican bakery in the link below. I picked up a pumpkin turnover, apple empanada, a slice of loaf cake, and a small slice of tres leches cake. My bill was $3.25 for four items!

The loaf cake was coffee-cake like with a heavy, moist, large crumb. It was flavored with lots of vanilla and punctuated with the currants. Just the thing for breakfast.

The tres leches was my lunch dessert. Not as happy with this, as there was too much filler in the whipped cream filling and topping leaving an adulterated taste. The cake itself was a light sponge, not as soggy as some, and airier than others.

The two turnovers were dessert after our Korean pig-out in Oakland that night. The orangy exterior of the pumpkin turnover was cake-like and doughy rather than flaky. The spicy pumpkin pie filling reminded Celery of Thanksgiving.

The apple turnover was filled with chopped apples and a thick not-very-sweet pastry crust with a ropey edge. The filling was a bit glueier than I would have preferred but had decent flavor, sorta reminded me of Comstock pie filling.

Given my bad luck with the Vallejo's donut shops, this will become one of my regular breakfast to go stops.

Little Maya
Specializing in Wedding Cakes
Pan Dulce Mexicano
985 Broadway


18981 Sonoma Hwy


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