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Every thing you know about Maxwell St. is wrong (maybe?)


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Every thing you know about Maxwell St. is wrong (maybe?)

Vital Information | Jun 23, 2003 12:32 PM

- All that goat REALLY is beef - Word has it that city regs do not allow goat to be served. The birria tacos at the stand between El Colonial and Oaxcan tamals surely tasted like beef yesterday.

- A city inspector in between hassling us about our camera work, confirmed that pork is not to be sold at the market, why none of the vendors from Michohocan serve carnitas. Upon further questioning, the inspector decided that being near a camera, he was not going to address at all the goat issue. On the other hand, the "lord of the flies" taco stand north of Roosevelt eagerly sold us a taco de birria de chivo.

- No pork, but one can easily find pastor meat. Please explain further.

- Any attempt to diagram the market is futile. Yesterday as we took one of those rare forays north of Roosevelt, I noticed a guy in a cowboy hat that looked extremely familiar. In fact so familiar, I started thinking, boy these guys all look a like. Then I noticed they sold ojo (eyes) and I thought, wow, more than one eyeball vendor. So, it turns out our famous purveyors of parts unknown occasional has to park themselves in an alternative location. They explained that there was a daily lottery, and I assume that they got there too late yesterday. He said that about 10% of the time they are in different locations.

- Do not judge who is there by initial impressions. The pupasa builder must simply be a late riser. They ARE there, and are probably ALWAYS there, just not there early. My pupusa yesterday was the hottest thing I ate yesterday period--that's hot as in molten beans inside the pupusa.

- I called it a torta ahogada. Call it a pambaso. Call it a bloody chili drenched sandwich. The purveyors of this sammy, are from the state of Michohocan. They are selling the sandwich because people were asking for it. They have no affiliation with any vendors prowling the stands at Chivo games.

All this learned in another fun filled day at the greatest eating street in the city. Yesterday's flavor of homemade empandadas hidden with the cowboy clothes was sweet potato. Yum!


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