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Maui Specialty Potato Chips vs. Zapp's, Route 11, Olive Oil, etc.


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Maui Specialty Potato Chips vs. Zapp's, Route 11, Olive Oil, etc.

Joe | Jul 28, 2001 11:43 PM

First I am assuming that I ordered the correct Maui potato chips: Maui Specialty which come in a clear bag with red print and red stripes. I say this because of the 12 people who participated in this "chip off" one had lived in Hawaii for three years and insisted that another brand was considered the best. But he didn't remember their name.
There were a number of chips in this including Zapp's of Metairie, LA (both plain and Cajun Crawtaters), Route 11 of Middletown, VA, Olive Oil potato chips (w/ rosemary), Grandma Utz (fried in lard), Cape Cod made with Russet Potatoes and several local brands.
One of the twelve liked the Maui chips the best. The other 11 of us all found them too greasy. Crispy, but greasy. Extremely greasy.
Seven of us ranked the Cajun Crawtaters number one. But this could actually be misleading since they were heavily spiced and the plain Zapp's chips were fourth best.
Second was the olive oil chips which were extremely crunchy with a deep potato flavor. Third found Route 11's plain chips (two people picked Route 11 number one).
I'm not sure what any of this proved but when it was all over the only bowl that was totally empty was the one that had the Cajun Crawtaters.

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