Matfer Bourgeat 9.5 inch black steel fry pan now made in Germany

rcspott | Nov 12, 200912:26 PM

Went down to local kitchen shop and picked a Matfer black steel crepe pan. Get it home and while reading the instructions on the yellow sticker on pan noticed the following:

"Dry the frying pan, then fry in the oil some instants the peels or slices of sprinkled potatoes with lot of salt."

What does "instants" mean, and where's the s on "lot" of salt. Any English majors jump in here and correct me if that is a good to go sentence. Go the Matfer Bourgeat website and look up the pan under black steel cookware SKU 62034. Web pan spec is 9.5 inches across the top mine is 9.25 inches. Web spec pan 3lbs. weight, mine is 2lbs 2oz. Web spec picture shows the handle spot welded 3 times, mine is spot welded 2 times. My pan has no engraved or stamped symbol or identification of it being made by Matfer, nothing but the sticker, which also has no country of origin. I'm starting to think knock off product.

Call company, long story short, the pan is now made in Germany. I guess i really thought I was buying "the old steel crepe pan hand forged in France that are a bitch to season". There I go thinking again....

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