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Help in matching "white" dinnerware

cattleya | Mar 26, 200806:53 PM

Hi all!

I'm new to chowhound, and a relative newbie at setting a (nicer) table. I got married over 3 years ago, but just didn't have time then to think about china, stemware, etc. but have finally decided as my cooking has improved that I need to take more time in the presentation as well. We finally decided on Wedgwood White bone china as our backbone pattern...my original thought was that I could then mix and match different salad plates in other patterns, using WW as the neutral dinner plate. I have since realized though that WW is such a bright white, it actually makes most other porcelains look muddy.

Does this mean that I'm relegated to accessorizing only with other Wedgwood patterns? I had been hoping to mix in some Limoges salad plates (I'm fond of several Medard de Noblat patterns, and some of Haviland too), but am thinking this might not be a good idea now. I tried putting a Spode pattern on top of the Wedgwood white today, and even that was not a great match...which is a shame, as I had thought Spode Blue Colonel (not the pattern I tried today) would look great against the Wedgwood White.

Also, what I find most frustrating is that I am currently living in an area where I can't see any of this stuff in person.

Thoughts? TIA.

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