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masculine and feminine foods


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masculine and feminine foods

Conan and Daisy | Mar 12, 2004 07:18 PM

A group of six of us went to this expensive fancy restaurant for lunch. On the menu was a section where they offered a choice of two different prix fixe three course menus, where the entree for one of them was a vegetarian lasagna, and the other choice was a beef filet with a side of potatoes and vegetable. All three women in our group chose the vegetarian lasagna and all three men chose the beef and potatoes. And it didn't stop there. All the patrons were there to take advantage of the prix fixe lunch, and so far as I could tell, invariably, all the women were ordering the lasagna and the men were choosing the beef. It struck me how gender seemed to play such a strong role in what foods we may prefer, and thus choose in a restaurant. I guess a steak would be a stereotypically 'male' food, reflected in the dark, masculine look of steakhouses. Any other foods that you've noticed that have a gender bias?

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