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What is Maryland Fried Chicken?


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What is Maryland Fried Chicken?

Krys | Mar 2, 2005 07:11 PM

I ate it for lunch today, I think.

I'm not looking for a recipe because there really is no way I'm going to make this. But what is the quality that makes Fried Chicken have a Maryland pedigree?

Looking on the web, the recipes are all over the board. Some are simple ... plain flour, salt, pepper ... maybe the chicken is marinated in buttermilk.

Others go the breadcrumb route. Still others seem to be smothered in gravy.

The version I had was the purist version ... flour and a little salt and pepper ... no secret spices nonsense. It was fried to order and the golden coating, hot from the fryer almost shattered when you bit into it. It was pretty good cold too. I would like to think that simple, classic preparation defines Maryland Fried Chicken ... does it?

Link to Baltimore paper article which really didn't answer my question. Didn't know that Maryland was such a big poultry center though.


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