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Martin Yan's Chinatown cookbook


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Martin Yan's Chinatown cookbook

Westy | Jul 19, 2003 11:24 AM

All -

I have been using Martin Yan's Chinatown cookbook and thought I'd give it a quick review.
I like it very much - it has a great concept -travelling around the world and seeing what different Chinatowns offer. Nice pictures, too.
In general, the recipes are a little too time consuming to make weeknights, but there is nothing you couldn't do in a Saturday afternoon. The clams and black beans were a hit, as was the Fujian freid rice (egg fried rice topped with stir fried asparagus, shrimp and chicken -tasted more Canatonese than Fujianese to me, but I'll defer to Martin on that point). On the other hand, the oysters were a disaster, but I have to confess, that may have been more due to my shortcomings as a cook than his as a writer/chef. In short, I think it may be a little complicated for a novice, but it makes a great complement to a Chinese cookbook collection. Matt

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