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Martha and Emeril reveal their knowledge of basic cooking oils. Busted.

FoodFuser | Mar 6, 2010 09:26 PM

Caught a few minutes of the lunchtime broadcast of Martha Stewart show, where Emeril was selling product (boxed rice, spice, and cast iron pans) and showing how to fry chicken.

I don't mean to "bash" here, and a Tivoed tape would better give a verbatim on my recollected transcript, but I was appalled at the moment when E. said he used vegetable oil, and Martha casually asked him "what kind of vegetable oil" and he replied "just.. vegetable oil" and she gently pressed "but which kind?" and he said "vegetable oil" and E. recountered, "vegetable oil" flinching in misunderstanding.

Does the King of Cajun Fry-up not know that all "vegetable oils" are labeled as to species origin. be it canola or soybean (the 2 most common when marketed as "vegetable oil"). His body language showed that he was busted.

Martha co-dependently countered, in a deft move to save the segment, with "well Mom always used Crisco... that's vegetable oil, right? (Crisco's name come from Crystallized Cottonseed Oil, unknowingly twisting the discussion into artificial hygrogenation. )

So there we were. I stared at the TV in disbelief rather than insert the next bite of my lunch. Two of the biggest millionaire players, showing an absolute lack of understanding of the absolute basics.

I'm surprised that they aired the episode without a director running in to delicately demand a reshoot.. But apparently the bottom line was that with all that "food power".... nobody knew.

So, rather than bashing them, I simple chuckled, finished my sandwich, and celebrated those of us empowered cooks who choose our oils knowledgeably and carefully.

Martha and Emeril followers, is it worth bringing email attention to their websites?

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