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Hi From Marssy, Chowhound CM

marssy | Nov 19, 201405:22 PM

Hi there,

Thank you all for the passionate welcome! I understand why it caught the majority of you by surprise and caused some confusion. A little bit of background: I had planned my vacation at the beginning of the year while I was still working with my previous employer. I was eager to start working at CHOW as soon as possible, so we decided that I would use the first two weeks of October to get up to speed, then on my return from my vacation I would introduce myself. The excitement was so high that we accidentally sneaked out a tweet about the recipe of my own version of salsa borracha that we published. When it happened I was already on a plane on my way to Iceland, and some of you had already started to ask about this mysterious new Community Manager. We never intended to be disrespectful or rude—on the contrary, our plan was to make a proper introduction. We are human, and make mistakes, so we hope you'll accept our sincere apologies.

Who am I and how do I relate to food?

I’m just a passionate human being in general. I grew up in Mexico, so English is my second language—which by the way was not easy to learn since I am dyslexic. I am in no way an expert in fancy cooking techniques, however my love for being in the kitchen and making food for others started when I was 8. My mom would ask me to be her “sous-chef” by assigning me simple tasks like washing the ingredients, measuring them, or mixing them. This created a very special bond between me and my mom. By the time I reached adulthood I was able to cook for large numbers of people since Mom had a little catering business. My cooking experience and knowledge mainly come from what was passed from my grandma to my mom, and then from her to me. Over the years, I have noticed that I have a hard time following recipes; don’t ask me why because I haven’t found the answer yet. Instead, I try to use my instinct, although I’m looking forward to learning better techniques and increasing my cooking and food knowledge on Chowhound.

My nickname, Marssy, was given to me by a dear friend. I added the double "s" in order to avoid confusion with another user, Marsy, who was in the same online community as me back in 1994.

Career-wise, I have been working in the Internet industry since 1996, in many different roles such as Technical Support Agent, Support Operations Manager, Consultant, QA Engineer, and Community Manager, which is my favorite.

Many of you asked what is a Community Manager

The Community Management role is relatively new in the workplace. It has different meanings and responsibilities depending on the company/industry/product. In some places it is marketing-heavy; in others, it just refers to social media and/or forum management. This partial understanding of Community Management leaves a void. My own personal definition and vision of a CM is the person who’s responsible for bringing together the community and the product harmoniously through different lines of communication (social media, forums, blogs, etc.) and interaction. Similar to how the axons and dendrites work in a human body by transmitting and receiving information to make the organism function. A CM is responsible for building a healthy and collaborative environment for the members to enjoy regardless of whether they are new or veterans. There is more I could add, but I don't want to unnecessarily extend this post.

Thank you again for your comments and passion. Looking forward to interacting more with you!

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