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How do YOU market?


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How do YOU market?

Fatemeh | May 10, 2004 01:58 PM

I usually buy my produce at the Farmer's Market, and supplement that with 3x or more weekly trips to the market for meat or fish products.

This past Saturday, I realized that hubby and I are both home all week, so stocked up on stuff. Tilapia filets, pork chops and a rabbit. I also bought ground beef, but that went promptly into the freezer.

Knowing that I got all of this from the best butcher counter around, and that everything is very fresh... how long can I keep this all in the fridge? Hubby got VERY sick over the weekend, so I made soup, and didn't touch any of my purchases.

How long will everything keep? Do you buy for the whole week at once? Do you freeze anything, or keep it all in a cold drawer in the fridge? HELP!

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