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Marinated olives from the Hummus Guy - Alemany Farmer's Market (and elsewhere)


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Marinated olives from the Hummus Guy - Alemany Farmer's Market (and elsewhere)

Dave MP | Aug 24, 2008 10:57 PM

The Hummus Guy is a newish stand at the Alemany Farmer's Market. This week was his fourth week - he's based in Petaluma and is at a few other markets too, but I'm not sure which.

At Alemany on Saturday, he was very generous with samples of various products - several types of hummus, babaganoush, fava beans, dolmas, olives and more. I ended up buying a small container of olives and a small container of artichoke hummus. Both were excellent - especially the olives. I didn't really realize it while at the stand, but when I got home and took out the olives for lunch, I realized that they are really fantastic. The marinade is garlicky and has a blend of spices - not too overpowering, sour, or sweet - just perfect. They are probably some of the best olives I've ever had. Later on, a friend came over and after trying the olives, he said the same thing. I highly recommend these - they aren't super cheap (small container was 5 dollars - comparable size at Rainbow would only be 3 dollars probably), but really delicious.

The Hummus Guy is originally from Tunisia, and he mentioned something about catering too (I think I heard the word couscous mentioned) it's definitely worth stopping by at Alemany.

Dave MP

P.S. I'm confused about how to spell "marinated." Is it "marinated" or "marinaded" or could it be either one?

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