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Marie Callender's Snit

Pie-Faced | Aug 21, 200309:01 PM

Has this happened to you? I go to Marie Callender’s to buy the pie that’s on special sale. It’s the pie advertised on the big banner in front of the restaurant. However, when I get to the cash register, the person tells me they are sold out and then may add, “But you can buy any of our other pies for full price.” I admit I must like their pies very much because this isn’t the first, the second or even the third time that this situation has come up.

On one occasion I did speak to the manager that evening and explained that unless the restaurant offers a rain check or a discount on another selection to its customers, what Marie Callender’s is doing, in my opinion, is what’s called bait and switch, baiting the customer into the store only to sell them a more expensive item. You can imagine how well that went over.

So last night I went to the restaurant in Glendora, and it happened again. It’s so frustrating. This time, though, I’m going to see what consumer protection doors I can knock on. I feel silly for getting this upset about such a seemingly trifling matter. I can easily afford the extra two or three dollars it will cost to walk out with another selection, but I feel what Marie Callender’s is doing is unfair and customer unfriendly

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