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Marcel exposed?


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Marcel exposed?

asiansensation007 | Jan 31, 2007 07:40 PM

i was rooting for marcel during the finale because i thought that the other chefs were totally ganging up on him and being childish. i didnt understand why everyone hated him so much. however, when i watched the live bravotv post show interview, it all suddenly became clear...MARCEL REALLY IS THAT ANNOYING!! He couldnt shut up and had a smart-alek comment for everything. HE was the sophmoric idiot and ilan really did come across as the mature, dedicated chef. people would call in and ask a question for ilan and it was like marcel had to get in a comment first. lol one caller actually interrupted marcel and told him the question was specifically for illan. without all the editing, i saw marcel for what he really was. he is full of annoying phrases (i'm not gunna lie..., like...) and by the end of the interview MY nerves were on edge. i cant imagine having the live with him for 16 weeks!!!! anyone else who saw the interview agree?????

PS--i cant believe marcel choose applebeesque-Mikey....(?!?!) even if mia was the weaker cook (i highly doubt it...) at least she wasnt all anti-marcel and she said she WANTED to work with him (unlike mikey).

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