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Marathon Grill - EXCELLENT chicken pot pie


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Marathon Grill - EXCELLENT chicken pot pie

joypirate | Aug 30, 2004 12:31 PM

I had kinda low expectation going into this place, really just expecting to get a decent burger. It was a hot day, not at all a chicken pot pie day, but then again, what day ISN’T a chicken pot pie day? I typically try the chicken pot pie anywhere I go so I gave it a whack here, and boy am I glad I did. It comes in a big oval terrine with crust pouring over the sides. The crust is made astonishly well. I told the wife that you only get that kind of deliciousness using Crisco or maybe sweet, divine lard. I suppose it could be butter, but I prefer to speculate that it was lard magic. The pie was filled with chunks of white meat, peas, potatoes, and some carrot bits. Standard. Plenty of delicious chicken gravy. It doesn’t come with mashed potatoes so I ordered a side of garlic mashed potatoes and sweet holy crap if they weren’t mashed potatoes like I would make at home, brimming with loads and loads of garlic (Mrs. Joypirate tried to steal most of them, as well as most of my crust). Flying Fish something-Dubbel was on tap, pretty tasty and completed the experience. Bread was also really good though it would have been transported to the next level of wonder had they merely warmed it up.

Wife was underwhelmed by her veggie sandwich. The tomatoes and mozzarella were all good, but it was served on a roll when it would have been better as a pressed panini, maybe on foccacia. Too much bread got in the way. They were very light on the pesto, which she liked but we suspect that most would prefer much more pesto. It automatically comes with fruit, which she wished she’d noticed as she’d have gotten fries instead. She was met with an indignant stare when she offered: “I’ll trade you some melon for more of your garlic mashed potatoes…” Definitely no deal there.

Just from our seat alone we were surrounded by two sets of much older people complaining about the service but honestly, we thought it was fine, above average even. Butter could’ve been brought sooner but that’s about it. The place was pretty dead for a Saturday night (around 7:30pm). Oh, and this was the Spruce street location, around 18th or so.

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