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Manual Can Opener?

liu | Mar 11, 201201:20 PM

What is a GREAT manual can opener?

Our Zyliss Lock-n-Lift just broke; I didn't love it anyhow. There have been many others before it that I also haven't loved...so what should I get next?

Surprisingly, there are many features to consider in this simple kitchen tool:

Does the handle turn smoothly?
Does the blade cut the lid itself or does it separate the lid from the can at the seam?
Does the can opener touch the food inside?
Can the can opener be cleaned in the dishwasher or does it have to be hand-washed?
Does the can opener lift the cut lid out of the can?
How durable is the cutting blade?
Does the blade shred the metal lid and leave little bits of metal in the food?
Is the cut lid sharp? Does the can opener leave sharp edges on the cut can?

Tell me what is your favorite manual can opener -- and why, please.

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