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manners at wineries


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manners at wineries

budnball | May 1, 2011 11:04 AM

As relative newbie, I have been trying out many of the local wineries in my area and I have a few questions of those with more experience. Should I feel obligated to buy a bottle if there is no tasting fee? And how do you politely leave a place with swill you dislike? Often these are small production places and I feel guilty listening as the owner or manger goes on about the micro-climate and special soil and such while I'm looking for the spittoon. I was at a small batch producer and all i can say is I hated the wine that was poured, which is not a problem by itself, you can't love everything. But then i had to drink it because there were no spittoons. But the wine maker was passionate and so enthusiastic that i bought a bottle anyway. By the way, what has happened to spittoons?
I guess my question is What are the rules of wine tasting at vineyards?

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