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Manhattan, Brooklyn, whatever: one more persistent Places problem


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Manhattan, Brooklyn, whatever: one more persistent Places problem

squid kun | Oct 30, 2009 12:49 AM

A respected NYC regular observes that Chow's redesigned restaurant database sometimes can't figure out the difference between Manhattan and Brooklyn ...

He's talking about a Manhattan restaurant called Turkish Kitchen. New Yorkers will recognize from the screen grab below that its map places it in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, miles from its actual location. This doesn't seem to be a Google map problem; Yelp's Google map gets it right:

Yes, this is a "known issue." I raise it again now because it came up more than a month ago in beta testing, and we were told it would be fixed before launch. Well, Chow launched it, and it wasn't fixed.

I also mention this because it's the kind of screw-up that makes Chow look dumb: out of town and out of touch. If I were a New Yorker new to the site, that would be my first impression. And the longer this bug is visible for all to see, the more accurate that first impression appears.

By now Chowhound veterans have seen this movie: Minimally tested release goes live. Functionality goes south in numerous infuriating ways. Users go bananas. Some bugs are fixed. Users get over it or drift away. Life goes on. Fade to black (or application error page).

What I don't think the Chow bosses get is just how badly this m.o. erodes the site's credibility over time. What's the rush with major site changes? Why not make sure this stuff works before going live? Other sites seem to manage overhauls and redesigns with far less tsouris and bugginess. Why not Chow?

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