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I am Manganaro's Hero Boy, and I suck!


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I am Manganaro's Hero Boy, and I suck!

Luke | Jul 24, 2004 12:03 AM

OK. I should have stuck to the original plan -- bring home dry scallops from Wild Edibles, sear them, and enjoy them with some sort of veggies, hopefully from the Greenmarket, but maybe not. But: I wanted to find the behind-the-Port Authority taco place talked about in Thursday's posts, and went west instead, to 9th, in the high thirties, a great foodie neighborhood, to be sure. The humidity got the better of me, and I was siezed with the notion of not cooking. And I saw Manganaro's, and thought I could bring home a meat-laden, walks-on-its-own hero for myself, and a veggie pasta thing for my wife (with a Cupcake Cafe kicker).

Got the "mile high" Italian sub. Um, get out an instrument calibrated for micrometers, because this is not a big sub. Notwitstanding the labeling, that would be OK, if the meat or cheese had any character, or if the sandwich were somehow interesting. But it's not. I mean, it was truly a stupid Boar's Head-level sub. Which is fine, if you're my corner deli, but not if you're (reverie begins now) MANAGNARO'S HERO BOY! For my less meat-ish wife, I got baked ziti. Stringy, characterless cheese; overly sweet sauce. To be sure, the subway ride to Park Slope was kinder to the sub than the ziti, but that kind of suckiness transcends a re-heating.

I'm not trying to be a jerk - but my corner deli builds a better Italian sub than these guys, and I don't even have to ask them to put on onions. And if I do ask, they'll put on sharp provolone, instead of the tasteless standard issue crap Manganaro's has.

Guys, am I missing something? Was I supposed to go next door to the old-style place? If Manganaro's Hero Boy doesn't suck, please tell me.

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