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Mandoline Woes


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Mandoline Woes

David A, | May 26, 2004 11:23 AM

I recently spent a wad of money and bought the famous stainless steal Bron mandoline -- and you know what? It doesn't work all that well. The blades are not as sharp as the need to be; the handle generates so much friction against the metal body that it's hard to pull back and forth; and the space within the handle is too small to allow for longer julienne strips, french fries, etc. I'm not pleased. I've previously owned the Matfer mandoline (another $100+ bust) and the Benriner. The cheap Benriner ($19.99) was actually the best at cutting, though it would only allow very skinny julienne cuts and there was a real danger of nicking your fingers. Has anybody had similar experiences?

I see that Oxo will soon release a mandoline. Everything they make is so well designed -- could this be the messianic mandoline, the solution to all my problems?

David A.

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