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Mandarin Schweppes - Ever in the US?

Justpaula | Jun 16, 2012 08:46 PM

I was strolling through the neighborhood and stopped in a Turkish market that, for some reason, I had not set foot in before. I bought a few things, but what really excited me was the cases of Mandarin Schweppes. The reason why is, that I have some memory bell ringing that they used to sell this in the U.S. (Long Island) when I was a kid (early-mid 80s). I bought a couple of bottles today and have only taken one sip. It is a mandarin orange flavored soda. Now, I don't even drink soda, but I could tell that this was remarkably less sweet tasting than your regular sodas, and almost a tad bitter in a citrus-y sort of way. Nice.

It was clearly imported from Turkey - like everything else in the store, including the Nestle Chocolate - even though we all know Schweppes is not a Turkish company. :)

Anyway, the question is...am I crazy? Does ANYONE else remember this beverage ever being sold - by a domestic distributor - in the U.S. about 25-30 years ago?

Here is a pic:

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