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MANCHEGO – Cheese of the Month (April 2013)


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MANCHEGO – Cheese of the Month (April 2013)

EmBrooks | Mar 26, 2013 04:25 PM

There were some requests to post the April Cheese of the Month a couple days early....I hope I am not stepping on Taleggio's toes.

Overview: Sheep milk cheese from Spain. Can be raw milk or pasteurized.

Reasons chosen: Mentioned in the cheese nomination thread; I like it and have never explored the aged versions; it is widely available and (hopefully) approachable enough for those new to cheese while offering enough depth for those who are already familiar to learn something new.

Potential topics: Do you like it?; raw vs. pasteurized versions; comparison of various stages of aging; recipes; pairings….I am sure there are many others!

Traditional pairings: quince paste, marcona almonds (have y’all tried the rosemary ones from TJs – they are so good, although probably not “traditional”!), fig cake, chorizo, roasted red peppers

Complimentary Wines - from the book What to Drink with What You Eat: Rioja (esp. with aged Manchego), Sherry (esp. with young), Cava (with young)

Description from Culture Magazine:

Unless otherwise noted, all the above information is sourced from various internet sites (Culture Magazine, Murray’s Cheese, etc), I will defer to the experts if any of it is incorrect.

I picked up a 3 month Manchego for $15.99/lb and plan to serve as our appetizer with quince paste and marcona almonds when we get to the Keys! So far, all the aged versions I have found are raw milk, but I will keep hunting.

Happy Cheese Hunting!

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