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Malodorous plastic food packaging (and other rants)


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Malodorous plastic food packaging (and other rants)

BobtheBigPig | Jul 14, 2009 11:51 PM

OK, I may be completely nuts. But here's my dilemma.

I've noticed a disturbing trend in the last several years for food to be packaged in foul-smelling plastic containers. And it really bugs me.

I'm not talking about the sweet vinyl smell of a water bottle, or the musty notes of a milk jug; these are barely perceptible to me. The stink to which I refer is more like the pungent assault of the Taiwanese plastic shoes on the Target sale rack. Or the smell of cutting up an old credit card (or a new one, if your creditors have insisted, but that's another story).

I began noticing it on those removable plastic seals around bottle lids designed to prevent product tampering. Ripping it off would leave the smell on my hands and on the bottle. Then I noticed it with certain containers, especially baked goods in the supermarket. Today, I noticed my loaf of sliced French bread packaged is packaged in a crinkly wrapper I can smell at arm's length when handled.

Call me a nut case if you will, and you'd be right, but I am very sensitive to foreign odors and tastes in food: plastic, rubber and soap especially. (This from a guy who admittedly is sometimes not sure if he's eating beef or pork.) Still, I can't help but think others are aware of it: more and more I see restaurants switching to odor-free plastic gloves (thank you!) rather than latex. Anyway, if the golden palates on this forum will go to the trouble of rubbing a salad bowl with a garlic clove, might they too notice this disturbing packaging trend? Or have I finally gone over the edge?

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