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Gary Cheong | Apr 22, 2001 03:33 AM

Jim, thanks for alerting about Malagueta. It is truly a wonderful find.

2 of us got there a little after 8 pm Saturday night and managed to score the last table. It is nice to see that so far the restaurant has not gotten greedy and cram in another 4 or 5 more tables (it could easily do that, but I hope it won't happen). Welcome and service were extremely sweet.

We started off sharing the grilled linguica which came with some terrific yucca fries and a small bowl of a garlicky mayonnaise dip. I'm glad we did not order the fried calamari appetizer as well (it was a really huge portion), but will try that on my next visit.

For mains, we ordered the Pescado (sauteed red snapper with a thick yellowish sauce with bits of shrimp, and rice). Sorry, forgot the name of that sauce. Since it's the weekend, I lucked out and got the feijoada. It was not a huge portion, but it still weighed in on us. Jim, you were right -- the black beans were amazing, and the farofa mixed with little bits of bacon is the best I've had in any Brazillian restaurant. Even the rice was deliciously prepared.

Shared one dessert that was not on the menu. It was like a very dense kind of flan with sweet grated coconut under it. It was a little heavy after scarfing the feijoada, and I did not like it that much. The passionfruit mousse sounded better and I should have ordered that instead.

Can't wait to make a return trip there.

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