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Making the UK/Ireland board more relevent to residents throughout the two countries [from UK/Ireland board]

Harters | Mar 12, 200810:28 AM


Underneath is an email to me from the Moderating Team which I'm sure they won't mind me reproducing and allowing the thread to stay on the board

I've recently made a couple of posts on the topical boards suggesting changes that, I'd hoped, would encourage more UK/Ireland residents to find CH and contribute (effectively I was suggesting some "autonomy" for this Board to discuss all subjects rather than having, say, media issues booked off to the very US-centric media board).

"We wanted to follow up briefly on your comment on the Food Media & News board about the move thread, since we've also seen your comments on the Site Talk board about moves from the U.K/Ireland board to the topical boards .

We understand your frustration, however, and wanted to explain the rationale a bit further for you. The regional boards on Chowhound are the useful resources that they are precisely because there is little, if any, discussion of food media, home cooking, general discussions that are appropriate for the General Topics or Not About Food boards. Over the years, those boards were created to ensure that 'hounds had boards where they could discuss such areas of interest, without diluting the wonderful resources of our regional boards. At the end of the day, we strive to be a community of Chowhounds, and we hope that UK posters will participate in the topical boards, and offer their perspective on discussions of a more general nature. To that end, we have been making more of an effort recently to post pointers to moved threads on the UK board. Though, it certainly would help us out if UK posters would post on the appropriate board, and then post a pointer on the UK board!

All best,"

Hope folk don't mind this thread. It's just that, as I've mentioned before, there's great scope for the discussion board format of CH to become a major player in UK and Ireland as, frankly, nothing similar seems to exist home-grown.

John Hartley

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