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Have I been making stock wrong all along????


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Have I been making stock wrong all along????

Kim Shook | Mar 3, 2002 06:18 AM

I was watching Tony Bourdain on Foodtv the other night. He was at his old cooking school talking with the stock professor (I don't know what he's really called, but you know what I mean). Anyway Tony B. made a really snotty comment about people who can't make a decent stock and "Leave the skins on the onions and don't peel the vegetables" (I COULD be mistaken about the peel the vegs part, but I'm 100% sure about the onion skins part). I was stunned. I KNOW that I have been told by many chefs and in many books to toss everything in the pot clean, but UNPEELED! I am sure that I have even been told to use the peelings from veggies that I was preparing to put in the stockpot. I have prided myself for a long time on the quality of my stock. The day after I make it, it comes out of the fridge like a beautiful, clear, shimmering, shimmying, goldenrod colored congealed salad! And I make the BEST gravy and chicken and dumplings - EVERYONE says so! The thing is, is that the professor guy agreed with him. So what is the deal? Is this just a thing that everyone but me knows? Are they wrong. Is this a deeply dividing argument in the food world and I am just realizing it?? Seriously, am I remembering things wrong. Does anyone else use their peelings and make kick-ass stock???

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