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making pasta con fagioli ahead

NomadHomebody | Jan 3, 201005:07 PM

I'm making the food for a friend's wedding (160 people), and everything's going to need to be done the day before, and just reheated and put onto serving platters that day. I was thinking I would make pasta con fagioli: the ingredients aren't too expensive, it'll dress it up if I add good parmesan and cook parmesan rinds into the beans, I can easily make a pot of it for the vegans with no parmesan, and serve some bacon on the side for those who like it.

the only tricky part is that everything needs to be made the day before. Someone else will be in charge of reheating, portioning, and serving, but I can't rely on them to do any cooking. So the pasta has to be cooked in advance. I've thought of a few options, among them

- cooking the pasta to within about 2 minutes of being ready, then shocking and refrigerating it, and reheating with the beans.

- I think I could probably ask the people doing the reheating/serving to add a specified amount of pasta to each pot, then boil until it's cooked (where it would be too much to ask them to make a separate pot of pasta, then combine). I don't know why this seems more realistic (maybe because each pot would be labeled and they don't have to track which pot of pasta goes with which pot of beans?), but it does. the only issue is I'd have to track very carefully how much pasta needed to go in each pot, and make sure everything gets labeled correctly.

- if the budget permits, using fresh pasta, which only needs to cook for a minute or two right before the food gets served. otherwise, I'd probably use dried egg fettucine or tagliatelle.

any advice? this event isn't for a while, but it's the first event like this I've ever done.

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