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Making Mayonnaise

jk1002 | Sep 7, 2008 01:52 PM

I am about to give up. More then 4 cubs of oil went down the drain over the course of the weekends and egg yolks as well. It keeps getting too runny.

I tried using a stick/hand blender. First I had a bowl and a whisk attached, added the oil slowly. Didn't work, tossed it.

Then I tried using the plastic beaker that came with the stick/blender attachment. I filled everything in as in the you tube videos. Tossed it as well because it got too runny.

Then I used a cocktail shaker which did fit the blender stick a bit tighter, I figured too much oil was sucked in to quick earlier. Again, nothing. I tried rescuing with hot water, microwaving and adding another egg yolk. Nothing.

I think the problem is that even though I use jumbo eggs the yolks are too small. So the blender sucks too much oil in too quick to start working. Same is true for the whisk I think.

It looks so easy on you tube videos.

The trouble is, my Viking Stick is not supposed to be used for much longer then a minute to avoid the motor getting too hot.

I have a normal small Waring Blender as well. I think that could run without trouble for a couple of minutes. Things is, I feel the same issue will come up as with any other mixer. The fluid that I get from 2 yolks will be to little for the blades to start working.

Since Mayo doesn't last long, I don't want to make a gallon.

Any ideas? Can I just add water?

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