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making japanese noodles at home


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making japanese noodles at home

Thi N. | May 1, 2002 03:11 AM

So I had this holy experience at this archetypical Japanese-purist-master noodle joint outside of L.A. (Otafuku) and the greatest of them all was something I had never had before - served on a shiro mat, sarashina noodles. White, glossy, sticky/slick, dense, and the quietest, warmest semi-wheat flavor ever.

Anyway, I want to learn how to make this at home. Handmade, not from dried. I've been eyeing this book called Book of Soba, which I'll probably get, but it only has a recipe for regular soba, the brown hearty buckwheat stuff, not this cloud-noodle stuff.

So does anyone know how to make sarashina noodles?

And, also - any tips on making regular soba noodles at home?


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