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Making Gelato/Ice Cream

TR | Sep 14, 2003 09:32 AM

I'm new at this. Picked up a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker a couple of weeks ago and have been experimenting, mostly with gelato.

For the most part all has turned out well, but some recipes I've found confuse me.

I've made some with milk and eggs, and others with a combo of milk, light cream and eggs.. also made a batch of American ice cream with heavy cream.

But with gelato, some of the recipes call for 5 eggs, while others call for 10, when the same amount of milk will be used.

What exactly does the added yolks do to the taste and consistency of the gelato? Does it make it more gooey? Does it decrease the intensity of flavor?

Also, I have been tempering the egg/sugar mixture to 180F, when combined with the warm milk. Is this increasing the safety of using egg yolks? Does this damage in any way the taste of the end product?

Oh, and I have used cornstarch in place of eggs once in one recipe. I found it grainy....... How do you get the cornstarch to breakdown when using it? Sad too as it was a chocolate gelato and I used Valrhona....... What a waste that one was. Does authentic gelato really contain cornstarch?

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