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Making Fruitcake converts


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Making Fruitcake converts

GG Mora | Dec 30, 2002 11:22 AM

This is the fruitcake I ended up making this year (recipe published in Saveur, December 1996). I baked them in 3-cup molds and ended up with 12 small cakes, with which I gifted some of my nearest and dearest, and which I accompanied with a disclaimer regarding means of disposal for said fruitcakes, the last resort being returning aforementioned confection(s) to its (their) maker. As yet, I have not processed any returns but have fielded several phone calls from previously avowed fruitcake despisers now converted. Many found it delicious served, as I served it, with a small dollop of unsweetened whipped cream. One suggested that calling it "fruitcake" in the future should be a punishable crime.

For the record, I marinated the fruits for a month, unrefrigerated, and hosed down each baked cake with Knob Creek bourbon.


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