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Making Farmer's Cheese [split from LA]

AnnieAmie | Jun 14, 201203:08 PM

Are you trying to make a cheesecake?

Alpine Village sells "Farmer's" cheese for an outrageous price. You can find it in the fresh cheese section next to the meat deli.

You can buy small curd cottage cheese, rinse it completely in a strainer and dry it with paper towels.

I make my own. Its really easy.
Buy a gallon of whole milk and pour it into a stock pot. Bring it to a boil. The milk will boil UP so watch it carefully before it comes to the boil stage. Remove it from the heat and add one cup of plain white vinegar. Give it a gentle stir from the bottom up and cover the pot. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes. As the milk cools, curds form making the cheese.
After cooling, strain all of the milk into a stainer into either another large pot or a very large bowl. The liquid in the bowl is whey which you can use for other recipes. Its actually really nutritious. Rinse off the cheese curds with cold water and sprinke with lightly with salt. I use 1 1/2 teaspoon. Make sure you rinse it well or you'll still taste a bit of vinegar.

The cheese is ready to use now or you can pack it away in a baggie and refrigerate.

I was originally told to strain it in a cheesecloth, rinse, salt and wrap the cheese up tightly in the cloth and put a weight on top of it so it strains even more. That's not necessary to do. You can just dab the cheese with several good, thick papertowels and its dry enough for a cheesecake, strudel or blintz recipe.

I'm dying to type, Bon Apetite! Ok, I did.. Enjoy!

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