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Katie Nell | Jan 6, 200612:06 PM

This year, for Christmas, I made my Great Grandma's butter almond cookies (stamped with a tulip cookie stamp) and gave them to family members, along with a letter describing my idea for a family cookbook. Next year's present will be the cookbook. I've asked them to send me at least one recipe that they are known for in the family, one recipe from the other side of their family, and one recipe that they make at home on a regular basis. I've also asked them to send any of my Great Grandma's recipes they may have... I'm hoping that the cookbook can be sort of a dedication to my grandma. Along with that, I've asked for pictures and stories revolving around food, i.e. the first time my Great Grandpa had tacos and didn't know what they were called, and the time my dad chucked a roll at my mom's head, etc.
I'm torn between sort of making it look homemade and scrapbooky or making it more of a professional presentation. I have a design background, so either method would probably work. What I'm wondering, is if anyone had done this and has any suggestions or tips? Also, if I do go for more of a professional look, does anyone know of resources for printing, paper, or that sort of thing? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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