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Now I am making Chicken Soup/stock and am a little confuzzled!


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Now I am making Chicken Soup/stock and am a little confuzzled!

Axlsgoddess | Aug 11, 2011 11:30 AM

First thank you to everyone that responded to my cry for the best ever fried chicken recipe!

Now I am making chicken soup/stock. I started it in a huge pot that could probably hold 4 whole chickens with no problem. I have put in my collection of chicken parts, some carrots, green onions and celery as well as a bunch of smashed up garlic cloves,a lemon cut in half and lots of pepper! In fact too much pepper. I have been simmering this since 5:30 am pacific time. I have some questions...,
The pepper has made the broth rather spicey. I used the coarse ground pepper . Is there any way I can reduce the pepper taste, possibly countering it with sugar?

Also, I keep reading prior posts and they say to skim off the fat. I thought the fat added flavor so in the past I left it in. When you skim off the fat I have also read you can save it. What would you use it for? One post mentioned saving it to make biscuits so if anyone has any thoughts on that I would appreciated it.

Since I used such a huge pot, I am unsure how to reduce the stock. Do I just let it boil for a few hours or keep it on a roiling simmer or what?

I plan to keep it on the stove all day then use some for my chicken soup tonight and freeze the rest. I have read some people simmer their stock up to 24 hours so if I am doing it too long please let me know!

I have been all over the chicken soup treads and found them very helpful but did not find the answers to my question so I would love to hear from all you experienced cooks on how I can remedy my soup/stock!

p.s. I just ot an email from a friend who started a hen house and just found his first ever egg! The email came with a portrait of the little one. I feel so guilty now making this soup! Here is a pic of the little bugger!

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