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making beef stock (consommé) - question


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making beef stock (consommé) - question

Wendy Lai | Sep 23, 2002 12:45 PM

I was making beef stock yesterday. I got the bones, the vegetables but I didn't have any of the herbs (or enough time for that matter). I browned the meat in the high temp oven, then let the whole thing simmered for about four hours. Then I strained out the bones and solids, and put the whole thing in the fridge. This exercise is actually my first step in trying to make consommé.

My question is, can I buy some herbs tonight and add that in and simmer again? And also, I read somewhere that if I keep the layer of fat on top I can keep the stock in the fridge for days without loosing freshness. I ususally don't have time during weekdays to do much cooking so I would like to do the consommé part next weekend.

And if everything is successful, can consommé be frozen? and for how long?

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