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Making bacon and cheese indigestible

aoppen | Oct 3, 201101:17 PM

This merits a post.

Davy's is a kind of awesome looking little road-side stop out on Route 80, notable for its proximity to the exit (the other residents of the "Food" signs on Rte. 80 are almost 2 miles from the exit, so Davy's gets a lot of highway traffic. Highway traffic like me). It looks like a cottage ripped from the set of Twin Peaks. I mean, they couldn't have a more awesome looking restaurant.

I went their twice this weekend. Once, stopped at the drive through, got a dog with kraut and mustard. It was awesome. Good dog. Good squishy bun. Would recommend highly. But then, things took a turn.

I noted the sign that said "full menu inside" so on our way back, we stopped and went inside, cause hey, hot dogs.

So they have a "bacon and cheese" dog on the menu, and being a huge fan of bacon, generally, and the bacon wrapped dogs at Crif Dogs in the East Village, I was obviously getting one of these.

Honestly, and I can't believe I'm saying this, this combination of bread, cheese, bacon, and hot dog was the most disgusting thing I've ever ordered. I had a bite and stopped.

I eat everything. This was a first. It was so horrible. I was stuck wondering how the person who invented this sandwich could actually try it and be like "oh yeah, that's a keeper" I mean, everything was wrong. It was a single hot dog on a gigantic hero roll, slathered - positively slathered - in velveeta, with shyteloads of bacon sprinkled throughout. It was an abomination.

I tried eating around the hot dog (even saying those words makes me somewhat ashamed) but it was to no avail. Each bite of sandwich, cheese, and bacon was an unforgivable insult to my admittedly disgusting palate.

Let me be clear: I will put velveeta on a rib eye if I think it will work. It's one of my favorite foodstuffs (emphasis on stuffs).

This was not a problem of not knowing how to enjoy a hot dog, or not knowing genius when it appears just off a major highway. I'm an avowed practitioner of both those religions. This was notable because, for what I believe is the first time ever in the history of our world, these guys made the combination of bacon and cheese inedible. Kudos, I guess.

Davy's Dogs
14 Howard Blvd, Mount Arlington, NJ 07856

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