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Major League Beer

chuckl | Aug 19, 2009 01:24 PM

One of life's enduring American traditions is watching a baseball game with a cold beer. I remember when beer vendors roamed the stands (not sure if that's allowed anywhere anymore). But looking back, the beers were invariably watery and not very tasty. What they offered was carbonation and hopefully a cold refreshing drink. Since then, a lot of ballparks have gotten pretty chi-chi, with sausage races and loud music between innings to try to appeal to the casual fan (personally I'd rather just watch the game). Meanwhile, beer prices seem to have gone way up, but not necessarily better. At AT&T Park, a few decent beers are available, such as speakeasy, but they are $8.75 a bottle. I was curious what your experiences are in your local ballparks or parks you've visited, either major leagues or minor. How's the beer in your parks, what's your favorite, how expensive are they? I'd like to see more craft brews in the parks, how about you?

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