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Maine Lobster- Size vs. Taste, etc.


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Maine Lobster- Size vs. Taste, etc.

The Rogue | Apr 9, 2002 02:28 PM

I have heard so much stuff over the years about Maine lobster and things that affect their flavor.

Here's some of the stuff I have heard:

Small are sweeter
Small are more tender

Large are tougher
Large you get more meat per pound

Soft shells are sweeter
Soft shells you get less meat per pound
Soft shells are more tender

Females are tastier
Males are tastier

Tomalley (the liver)is bad for you, it contains toxins
Tomalley is good for you
Tomalley tastes good
Tomalley tastes terrible

The following are my observations:
Personally I feel that tenderness is based on not over cooking and size doesn't matter.

Soft shells and hard shells are equally sweet.
Soft shells are easier to crack 'n eat.

Males overall taste sweeter.
Females who have roe tend to be more musky tasting.
but have the roe to eat which makes up for being less sweet.
Females without roe taste as sweet as males.

I don't care for Tomalley personally.

What is the name for the flavorful creamy white gel like stuff, that you find when you open the body of a steamed lobster?

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