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Mail order gourmet meals recs??


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Mail order gourmet meals recs??

Gen | Feb 8, 2006 10:58 AM

A few years ago, my husband and I would order from this website, gourmet...something or they had the best selection of pre-packaged meals.

Our favorite was the duck breast with pommegranate syrup, baby glazed carrots and Israeli couscous, a dessert of some sort, some tea and coffee, candles, rose petals and a romantic music CD.
It seems tacky, but it was SO good.

That place seems to have shut down over a year ago, and what other similar places we've tried have been just plain bad.

Any place that offer a full, gourmet meal, with little prep to be done? Good Quality is a must, price is no object.

This is our trade off for not having a sitter for V-Day!! Any help is appreciated, websites, catalogs, menus... Anything! We live in West Los Angeles if it helps.

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