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Mail Order Fruit

Rachel Perlow | Mar 10, 2000 12:58 PM

I'm curious about other people's experience with mail ordering fruit, either for themselves or other people as gifts. In December I ordered from Cushman's of Florida (a three month deal of Red Fruit, red oranges, red flame grapefruit, and red tangelos). When the oranges came they were orange, not red, they gave me credit because they couldn't replace as the fruit was by then out of season.

Next month the grapefruit. The Flame Grapefruit had been advertised as "redder than Ruby Red". What came was pink grapefruit. Good, large, sweet - but not RED by a long shot. Customer service was happy to replace them. What came was the pink stuff again!

Now, obviously their customer service reps are very good, and really try to make the customer happy. And, don't get me wrong, the fruit that came was quality, just not what I ordered or they advertised. But, if I had ordered this as a gift for someone, the recipient wouldn't even have known that they were getting the wrong fruit!

Has anyone else ever experienced this with mail order food? Whether you have or not, I recommend checking with any food gift recipients you may have to make sure they got what you ordered!

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