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Magimix 5200XL or KitchenAid ProLine?

AlexisT | Dec 10, 201308:44 AM

I am considering buying a new food processor. I currently own a Magimix 5150; however, the bowls are cracking after 5.5 years of heavy use and I'm considering upgrading to a model with an XL feed tube (the one thing I dislike about the 5150).

I could just upgrade to a 5200XL. It is a well made machine (the motor is in perfect shape), I know how to use it, I have spare discs that I believe will fit (according to the Internet) and I do use that citrus press a fair bit. However, the XL feed tube is still not huge, and spares are a headache--right now I cannot replace my broken main bowl without getting my sister-in-law in England to mail me one because Gourmet Depot is backordered. The design of the safety latch places stress on the handle when latching and I know I'll be ordering yet another in a few years, too.

I saw the KA Pro Line in Williams Sonoma and I was intrigued by the features such as adjustable slicing, a dicing attachment, and the huge feed tube. However, I don't know anyone who's owned one, and frankly, I have some concerns about KA's recent build quality. It is also more expensive to begin with and would be even more so when I calculate the extras I would need to purchase.

I use my FP all the time (minimum of daily, typically more) and it lives on my counter; the size of the KA is bulky, but I could live with it.

Any opinions? In particular, has anyone used the Pro Line? I know it's a new machine and there isn't much of a reliability record.

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