Not About Food 10

Maggots in my wine journal yikes!!

allisonw | Apr 11, 200803:47 PM

I have not pulled out my wine journal in ahhges. It's is up with the cookbooks in the kitchen in a cupboard with lots of food in it too. I just pulled it out to stick another wine label in there and there were oh dear god two live maggots in between the pages. I got them out of there and then microwaved my wine journal for a minute.

Think I'm safe? How about my wine journal? Is that adequate irradiation? How would they have gotten in there? Should I suspect there is some food in my dry storage cupboard that is infested? I looked on the shelf where the wine journal was and see nothing, though that particular cupboard is filled with little things in packages, some of them resealable like spices and whatnot.

My first reaction is to burn down my house and run in fear, but that may be too dramatic an approach!

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