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Madrid, Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Toledo Dining/Bar Questions


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Madrid, Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Toledo Dining/Bar Questions

Lexma90 | Jun 23, 2011 12:33 PM

We're planning a trip in October to these destinations, and I am busily collecting restaurant and food recommendations. We're taking our almost-13yo daughter with us. She's a real foodie, and she loves the same dining experiences that we do - local cuisine, some high-end, some cheap, but mostly mid-range. And we customarily eat late here at home, about 9 pm or so, so that will work out fine.

I have some questions, though, involved our daughter that I haven't seen addressed:

After hearing of our previous trip to Barcelona (without her), she's eagerly looking forward to chocolate y churros every breakfast. I have names of places in Madrid, but not in the other cities. Is it easy to find good cafes that serve chocolate y churros for her and other Spanish breakfast items (such as a bikini sandwich, which I gather it's called a combinado in Madrid) for the grownups? Do most of them open at 9 am? That was our general experience in Barcelona.

Is it ok to take kids to tapas bars? When we were in Barcelona, with our then-12yo son, our tapas experiences were outside, so we didn't face this question. Is it like in the U.S., where (generally speaking) if a place serves food, they're technically a restaurant, and kids can go in?

Our experience in taking her to Italy and France has been that in many places, restaurants are ok with serving her some wine with dinner (which follows our family philosophy on introducing our kids to responsible drinking). In fact, at Mon Vieil Ami, in Paris, last year, they served her an entire glass (we helped her finish it) without even asking us. Will we find the same in Spain?


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