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Madasgar 2 Maine 2 Chaume 2 Bourbon


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Madasgar 2 Maine 2 Chaume 2 Bourbon

Ivan Stoler | Aug 6, 2004 11:03 PM

I just finished my annual summer Lobster fest w/a good pal of mine. Normally I don't post about this type of eats/meal but after some fine liquor I talk + think too much. 1st of all we each had a 2 3/4lb maine lobster, steamed. Mmmm, yumbolicious and lots of tasty roe.
We started w/a '88 Quarts de Chaume from Chateau Bellerive (which my brother + I imported way back when). I hadn't had this producer before or this year. Thought it was past its prime and too thin, also lacking any sort of depth. So, then we switched to Baumard Chaume, 1990. I bought 2-3 cases of this back then, some I brought back from the Vineyard direct. Man oh man do I love this wine. Granted, this is not an everyday wine, nor is it common, but wow! If the only sweet wines you've had are gringo or lousy method champagnoise, then drop those bottles and sign up here for a ticket on the road to Damascus. At least that's the way I felt the first time I had a Chaume or even a Layon. Chaume matches up great w/lobster (steamed is best) or fois gras. It's also a great wine to have w/3-4 pals to start an evening of fun and great food. Remember, it's hard to drink a bottle between 2, becuuse of the alcohol content and the body. Then again, no one I know has died trying. We closed off the night by having a "vertical" tasting of chococlate from Madagascar that I brought back from Paris. The offerings were as follows, Valrhona Recolte 2003 Ampamakia, Michel Cluizel 1er cru de plantation Hacienda "Mangaro", Chocolat Bonnat Madagascar. I listed the Chocolates in order of quality, according to our preferences. That said all of these were drier than I like, not bitter.The Valrhona was the most flowery, but not precious. Cluizel was very good but lacked the extra "umph" the Valrhona seemed to have. Bonnat (which I haven't seen in NYC) was nothing special. To finish, we each had a glass of my new fave drink, Bourbon by Josiah Thedford, a so called small batch bourbon. I've tried to find more info on this brand, I think some marketer bought some barrels and came up w/a hook. "Colonial style" bourbon. What that really means, who knows? I really like it. Why? Who cares, it's a nice finish to any evening. Forgive my rambling fellow hounds,but I had to share this.

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