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Mack Daddy's in PHX (Another Review)

Sammy9662 | Apr 15, 2008 01:17 PM

Some may not care for the food at Mack Daddy’s because it’s too healthy. No salt, sugar, or flour is used and most dishes are low carb and low fat. With “hardcore food" making another comeback with places like Over Easy, salt, fat, sugar and white flour will always be dietary staples, however bad they are for the body. But everything in moderation, right? Right. And Over Easy is the best breakfast I’ve had in years, if not ever. But, I digress. Mack Newton’s Fitness Center and Mack Daddy’s restaurant is well suited to the aging baby boomers in the nearby Arcadia district in Phoenix. The menu follows the 3-2 diet plan which is explained on the website below.

On recent visits, the clientele seemed to be made of up curious, healthier food seekers getting take out, myself included. Those dining in were mostly people who’d just completed a boot camp style workout and whose cell phone discussions about body mass index and triglycerides were too easily overheard. Ah, to be young again they strive. But, strive they can at Mack Daddy’s, Where…as claimed loudly and proudly on the wall..the Food is the STAR !

Some will find prices a bit high compared to nearby cheaper eats. However, my three experiences have proven the price worth it since the food is prepared after you order it and from high quality, fresh ingredients. My first visit was a takeout order of the MD burger with vegetables and fries ($10). At first, I wondered about a bun, since no flour, and upon opening the takeout container (an elaborate assembly in itself) I found large pieces of crisp cabbage. It’s a good thing I love cabbage and they held the fat, half pound patty of lean ground beef almost perfectly. The burger was juicy and mildly seasoned with things other than salt. An ample serving of braised broccoli accompanied the burger and the fries were in their own air tight container. No salt and very little or no oil is used in the cooking and fries are one of, if not the only, high carb item on the menu. The medium cut, peel on fries are also available as a side order ($2) and ample for two. If dining in, the fries, albeit healthy, might get you looks of longing disdain by the exercise junkies coming in from next door and who are gung ho newbies to the 3-2 diet.

My second visit, I opted for the baby back ribs and applesauce ($22). Most entrees are available as half orders and the quality of the food is well worth the price. The Creole rubbed ribs had plenty of flavor, and the quality of the meat and spice rub made up for the lack of sodium chloride. The ribs can also be ordered with a honey glaze or creole rub and honey glaze combo. The applesauce was a healthy side dish made from baked apples with cinnamon and no added sugar.

The third time I decided to dine in as MD’s serves wine and doesn’t seem to be busy on weekday nights, although takeout orders seem to be steady. I was contemplating the catfish nuggets ($10-half order), but the server recommended the shrimp and scallops served over Asian eggplant and braised baby Bok Choy. I ordered a half order ($14) and a side of fries ($2) in case the entrée wasn’t enough. Several thumb size shrimp and at least two silver dollar sized scallops were served over spear shaped pieces of eggplant. Halved baby Bok Choy was braised, seasoned and orderly arranged on a side plate en echelon. The seafood and eggplant were perfectly cooked and drizzled with a seasoned liquid of lime and basil and which made it outstanding without added salt. The braised Bok Choy was tender, tasty and a great accompaniment to the seafood. A Pinot Grigio ($4.50) rounded out the meal. MD’s also serves a variety of stir fry dishes, salads and entrees. The post workout exer-nut seated next to me looked very satisfied with his large plate of chicken and broccoli while his abstaining wife looked on with approval. And I bet his triglycerides were happy too.

Mack Daddy's
3243 E. Indian School Rd. Suite 105
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone 602-957-8646 (ToGo)


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